Jase actually started his career in Trinidad as a rap artist back in 1983. By 1988/89 he won major rapping competitions which lead him to key opening gigs with the likes of Naughty by Nature, Queen Latifah, C&C Music Factory and Crystal Waters to name a few. He eventually ended up being the “emcee” or “hypeman” for one of the top DJ groups in Trinidad at that time “Downtown Outlaws” in ’90/’91.

Jase first hit radio in late ’91 doing The Other Side of Midnight on Monday nights (12am-5am) on 95.1 FM. This is how he got formerly introduced to the turntables.

He has also worked at other top radio stations: 96.1WEFM ; was Music Director at Power 102 FM. Program Administrator at THE VIBE CT 105FM. Head of audio production at 98.9FM and radio personality at Ebony 104.1FM.

Jus Jase is also heavily in demand on the party circuit (both locally and internationally) as well as in the advertising industry. He produces, voices and stars in countless television and radio commercials, jingles and remixes for local and international acts, runs his own recording studio: Jase Jam Productions.

He is currently a member of the elite Tech.Nitions organization (a worldwide movement of top DJs, on-air personalities and industry trendsetters) as the No.1 Draft Pick of 2003, making him THE ONLY DJ representing the Caribbean in the crew.

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