From composing simple remixes to being a team member of the Ultimate Rejects, Road March Kings of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2017, this isn’t a road to travel for the faint of heart.


Avaron recognized his passion for music at a very early age while attending Newtown Boys’ R.C. School.  While other subjects got their just dues, music was and still is what makes his heart beat and gives his life purpose.


While Attending Queen’s Royal College, Avaron and like-minded formed the “sound system” Dymentia Sound Circuit. Following Avaron’s stint with Dymentia Sound Circuit, he was sought after and mentored by team member of the legendary team, Sel Construction, Kareem Tim Kee. There he met Johann Seaton (founder of Sel) and the pair remained good friends.


Avaron is now a team member of One Caribbean Media where he does double duty as On-Air Presenter and Production Assistant for the flagship of talk radio, i95.5FM. Avaron also DJs for hit music station HOTT935 as a member of the very dynamic and high performance team, Ultimate Rejects (UR), an opportunity provided to him because of his long standing friendship with Johann (one of the founding members of UR).

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