Quan’s our resident Internet Astronaut, Carnivore, Camera man & K Pop specialist!

A Panamanian-Trinbagonian with a deep passion for Geek Culture, Cosplay, Languages, and a penchant for diving head first into new experiences.

With a great thirst for life, Action Quan explores the world and cyberspace in search of new adventure, and understanding what makes us human. His choices in music are as off the beaten path as he is, from Synthwave, to Acid Jazz, to Chill, but never far away from the stuff everyone loves, Soca, Latin, and all 726 genres of EDM,  Quan loves to get experimental musically, and tell a story with his mixtapes.

Behind the camera and in the editing room, his playful, big kid nature comes out as much as it does over the microphone in the Hott 93 Studio. “With video, I want people to see the world through my eyes. What’s there, served with a slice of my life in there..”, he says.

He’s on a journey to find the language we all understand, through stories, music, and film. Let the Lightning Rod lead you on a long ride to learning more about this thing we call life. Catch Action Quan on the Hype Show, Monday’s to Thursday’s on Hott 93 and find him on Social Media:

Facebook: Action Quan

Instagram: actionquan

Youtube:  Action Quan

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